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HomeXpress Mortgage Corporation has selected USRES as an approved AIR compliant AMC partner. USRES is a National provider of appraisal services.
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Fee Schedule

Appraisal (1004) SFR Full Report $475.00
Appraisal (2055) SFR Drive By Report $375.00
Appraisal (1004C) Mobile Home Report $475.00
Appraisal (1073) Condo Report $475.00
Appraisal (1075) Condo Drive By Report $375.00
Appraisal (Land Only) Land Only Report $475.00
Appraisal (1025) Multi Family Report $600.00
CRS (1007/1000) Comparable Rent Schedule $100.00
OIS (216/998) Operating Income Statement $100.00
Appraisal (1004D) Appraisal Update $125.00

Rush Fee - $100.00 additional fee

Appraisal Pricing Matrix represents fees for STANDARD residential properties. Complex residential properties are subject to additional fees. If the actual fee charged by an appraiser exceeds the minimum fee described in the table above, USRES may increase its fee proportionally with customer’s consent.

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